“If there is something we are not able to do more efficiently, cheaper, and better than the competition it does not make sense to do it, and we should hire somebody who will be better in doing the job than we are”.


Projects outsourcing

You need to realize a project but do not have sufficient resources in your company? Outsource it to us.


Employee outsourcing

You look for experts but do not want to hire them? Outsource them. We shall care about correct selection of their competences to your needs.


Poland’s top computer specialists have proven themselves to be among the very best in the world over the last few years.
Warsaw Business Journal

Poland is becoming a favored site for many US company development centers.
Sillicon Valley Watcher

The obvious advantage of keeping development in Central Europe is a much better access to quality programmers fluent in modern frameworks and their competitive rates (…) there are practically no cultural gaps.

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