Employee outsourcing

It is a modern business tool allowing for use of knowledge and work of qualified experts, whilst limiting all unnecessary difficulties and costs to their minimum. All experts we offer operate in our office under a supervision of the experienced personnel, however, they are at your sole disposal, realizing their tasks remotely. We can offer a person with the exact scope of skills you require. Our team consists of almost thirty developers, available upon request. They are all of various advancement degree and various fields of expertise.

Thanks to our ten years of market experience we are able to quickly expand our team in case of sudden demand. Don’t you believe? Check us out.



Available employess

Benefits of working with us

    • We do care
    • Your are at the disposal of employees of various experience level;
    • Your are released of the employer’s duties;
    • You have the support of experts at the lowest, local rates;
    • You only pay for the time of actual work;
    • You receive the highest quality; constant supervision of the most experienced programmers;
    • You counteract personnel rotation effects, providing your business know-how continuance;
    • You gain access to expert knowledge and new technologies;
    • You receive high engagement of our developers who would like to actively participate in your business development;
  • (…) I have always been impressed by their outstanding diligence and high level of technical expertise.

    Konrad Rosochacki // red2.com
  • The createIT team provided not just end-to-end technical expertise and practical experience, but problem solving and critical thinking far beyond what’s generally offered by outsourced developers.

    Karen Ellenberger // reportspark.com
  • They’re fair, smart and best of all extremely talented… it doesn’t get much better than that. I would highly recommend them for your next project.

    Joe Schmidt // audacityfactory.com

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