Applications for business

We create all software operating based on the Internet browser or a mobile device.
Our experience combined with an open mind creates a value which will be profitable for your business.

We create both the standard and technologically as well as organizationally challenging Internet websites.

We constructed Internet websites, among others, for the American Tom & Joe Inc, Berlin Fotodesign.AHA, as well as a series of image websites for holdingu Konig Stahl and Crowley Data Poland.

This is our speciality. The project implementation phase is only one of the many. We are willing to discuss the idea with you, to advise on the best solutions, to design and then realize, test and implement an application. In later period we shall provide you with a long-term technical assistance guaranteeing the software maintenance and development.

In this model we have already implemented a dozen of platforms: Polish auction platform Aukcjusz, American report application Report Spark, international lottery portal Lottery Partner.

We shall conduct an analysis of your needs and understand how your business works in order to implement the software which shall really improve communication with business partners and internal processes of your company.

We created B2B platform for Poznań company Lemon Art, a platform dedicated to recycling market allowing for cooperation among producers and recipients of waste and crowd-founding service

30% of the Internet communication is generated by users of mobile devices. You must reach them and we shall help you by designing applications and games for Apple, Android and Windows platforms.

We have designed the application dedicated to the developers of mobile applications which allows for transfer of content between the creator and the user.

Efficient flow of information inside an organization is the basis of market advantage. Contrary to companies offering implementation of ready solutions of CRM or ERP class, we focus of solutions 100% adapted to the company’s characteristics. It is the system that must be adapted to you, and not the other way round.

We have prepared, implemented and have been maintaining the Intranet system, among others, for Koenig Stahl company.

years On the market
Successfully completed projects
Returning customers

We look for the best solutions

We do not expect you to tell us how to realize the project. It is us who shall advise you on the best selection.

We understand business

We perform a thorough analysis of your business by looking for ways of its improvement. It is more than simple software creation.

We have an experienced team

For the last ten years our experts have worked both upon global and local range projects.

We care about you

We count on long-term relations with our customers. We believe that a satisfied customer shall make us satisfied.

We are enthusiasts

We just like what we do. We like observing the way our customers broaden their horizons due to our solutions.

We are open minded

We are always open to discussion on new ideas and new solutions. In our company it is all not about IF but all about HOW.

  • High technological culture of the companies and their engagement in supplying the best solutions results in substantive, fast and problem free collaboration. Delivered solutions are stabile and user friendly.

  • We are fully satisfied with the manner of collaboration on each of (…) the projects. Innovative and creative solutions offered by the company indicate high engagement in realized work and delivered applications are stabile and always ready on time.

  • The level of technical solutions prepared by the company allows for creation of Internet shops with plenty of functions, significantly exceeding the market standard, upon maintaining extremely simple and intuitive operation.

  • For the whole period of cooperation, the company has immediately responded to our suggestions and the created Internet system maintains high quality parameters. (…) The implemented functions make us believe we are technologically challenging to the biggest players on the Internet auction market in Poland.

  • I am based in Australia and I receive exceptional service from Bartosz and the team at createIT. They support me with PHP editing as well as being the creators of amazing responsive templates.


Satisfied customers

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